I recently stumbled upon a website describing various kinds of orgasms women can achieve. Ten to be exact.  Lets take a look….

10 Explosive Female Orgasm Types (Must-Know Info!)

I’m not doubting these orgasm… I mean there are statistics… who can ever doubt stats!! Just kidding… I do really believe in these orgasm… I am just interested in understanding more.

Will anyone tell me their experiences and thoughts?

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{March 12, 2012}   Gonna switch it up…

I just wanted to share another passion of mine…FOOD!!!!!!!

Tonight I created an amazing dinner inspired by ROOST Restaurant in Houston, Texas.  GO IF YOU HAVEN’T GONE!! The food is amazing!!!

For dinner, I made with the help of my boyfriend – Grilled Argentinian Style Ribeye Steak with Chimichurri Sauce, Brazilian Cheese bread, and cauliflower with miso dressing.  The cauliflower is what inspired the dinner.

We baked our cauliflower but at the restaurant fries it… we tried to make ours a bit more healthy.  Both are very delicious, but of course the original from ROOST is the original and the best so can’t compete!

The Cheese bread is the perfect side dish with almost anything.  I love the fluffiness of it!! I have made several different recipes and this one is the best! The site is Globetrotter Diaries

Finally, we made the steak.  We cooked the steak for 6 minutes per side.  Came out perfect, tender and so yummy!!! The recipe is from One Tribe Gourmet

I love cooking!!  It’s relaxing and therapeutic for me!!!  I hope you all enjoy what I have shared with you!!

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{December 12, 2011}   Get your education on…

It’s been a while I know… but I am back!!!

I am so excited to share this article with ya’ll.  You might not know this but Mississippi is number one in the country for teen pregnancies.  And finally some people are understanding that education is the only way to help people change their habits.

How can we expect people to practice safe healthy sex if they are not given the information and knowledge on how to do so.

To the point of the article… there is evidence that shows by actually providing comprehensive sexual health education reduces tax pay costs.

I’m just happy people are finally seeing the light in the condom 🙂

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Advocates: Enhanced sex ed may cut teen pregnancy


The Associated Press

JACKSON, Miss. —

Health advocates are urging Mississippi school districts to adopt enhanced sex education classes, saying they would cut teen pregnancy rates and the spread of sexually-transmitted diseases.

In a conference Thursday, they said a new state law allowing “abstinence-plus” education gives schools a chance to present more information and use programs that have been proven to work. Advocates urged school districts to move beyond just telling students not to have sex. They said that despite sometimes vocal opposition, a poll shows that most Mississippi parents support education beyond the abstinence-only approach that had been the state’s policy.

Though Mississippi’s teen pregnancy rate has fallen in recent years, it remains well above the national average. And Mississippi ranks high for most types of sexually transmitted diseases, with young people often the dominant group getting infected.

Under a law passed last year, every school district in the state has to choose a sex education curriculum to be implemented by next fall, deciding between abstinence-only or abstinence-plus approaches. Either way, the bill requires parental consent before students take part, as well as abstinence instruction and single-gender sex education classes.

A poll this fall of 3,600 parents with children in Mississippi public schools shows that 92 percent support sex education in schools, as long as it’s age-appropriate. It even shows that more than 70 percent of parents support a demonstration of how to use a condom, something specifically banned by the new law.

That shows that school officials shouldn’t be influenced by opponents to adopt abstinence-only approaches, said Jamie Bardwell, director of programs for the Women’s Fund of Mississippi.

“The people who scream the loudest do not represent the majority of parents,” she said.

Proponents of abstinence-plus say that teaching kids only to refrain from sex doesn’t work.

“A lot of these programs have been proven ineffective,” said Sanford Johnson of Mississippi First, which supports abstinence plus.

The state Board of Education has to approve all sex education lesson plans. The state Health Department is seeking the nod for six abstinence-plus lesson plans, each with six to 12 lessons. Because the health department has won federal funding to help implement the plans, most districts that choose them could get free teacher training and classroom materials.

Johnson said Mississippi First is lobbying for adoption of one of the Health Department curricula in 17 counties where data show severe problems with teen pregnancy and sexual disease.

“This is not just a Delta problem,” Johnson said, noting that Chickasaw, George, Marion and Neshoba counties are also on the target list. Among counties with slightly lower priority rankings are Hinds, Forrest and Jones.

Johnson said there’s enough federal money to provide training for 75 percent of districts. He estimated that more than 25 percent would choose abstinence only, meaning there could be enough federal money for every district that chooses abstinence-plus.

Others remain skeptical that sex education will do much to cut teen pregnancy and sexual diseases.

“I don’t think that the problem with these kids is lack of sex education,” outgoing Gov. Haley Barbour said Thursday. “I think they’ve got it down pat.”

Sex education advocates disagree, though, saying teenagers are often lost in a sea of misinformation.

“We do know that they’re having sex and we do know they’re relying on their peers, who don’t have a clue,” said Marilyn Young, a Tunica County school board member.

Barbour and the Women’s Fund share the goal of cutting births to teenage mothers, but disagree on how to get there. On Thursday, Barbour said he hoped the new law would be “positive.” But in a speech Wednesday in Tupelo, the Republican governor said what’s really needed is a regeneration of traditional values.

“I suggest the start is family; rebuilding the family with strong support from the church,” he said. “Government has a key role to play. But the answers, the plan and the programs need to be developed by churches and families.”

Copyright The Associated Press

{June 15, 2011}   Maintaining the Climax

Life is good.  You are in a good relationship. You are happy.  Your partner is happy.  Sweetness!!!  All of a sudden you start thinking random thoughts, but WHY?!  You start wondering if he/she is the one?  When is it time to use the “L” word?  Will she/he cheat on me like my ex?

what are you thinking about?!

Why is it that when we are dating someone, we tend to jump away from the present and either think about the past or the future?!  Is it a natural instinct or something we are pressured into doing from society?  Why cant we just enjoy what we have now and not worry about anything else?!

We need to remember that the present is the peak of our life.  Therefore, when its our climax because yesterday led us to today and you do not know what may come tomorrow.  So enjoying where you are now with your partner is maintaining the climax of your relationship.  By letting the mind think of past or future shananagans will lead to not “cuming” at all or “cuming” too fast and ruining the ooo sooo good feeling!

It is most definitely NOT healthy to compare your current relationship with anyone from the past!  Your current partner is different from your last.  Not trusting your man/woman now because of how the ex treated you will fuck things up!  The key to any relationship is communication.  We should try not to pester, argue over the little shit or fight over bullshit… DISCUSS!  Holding grudges from the past will not help any situation.

The other thing, we tend to do is think about the future.  You or your partner might be wondering things like “where is this relationship going, or “what are we,” or “when will I get a ring”?  This is also not healthy for your relationship.  However it is needed and is good to know where the relationship is at.  You both need to express what you want and make sure ya’ll are on the same page.

One important fact about this conversation is when and where the subject is discussed!  Timing and tone is everything.  No one wants to have such a serious conversation during sex and no one wants to feel attacked or belittled.  Therefore be calm and bring it up when it is appropriate.

Nonetheless, there is no definite future and you can not change the past.  If you want to change something then talk about it and follow through.

Enjoy what you have and enjoy what is!!

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{May 31, 2011}   It is the new reality!

What is sex education?

Penis, vagina. You get pregnant or an disease. Therefore don’t do it! THE END!

Umm…. I don’t think so!! Sexual health education is so much more then what many people think. The problem is that we have shortened the full title of sexual health education to “sex ed.” This diminishes the true purpose of education.

its reality!

In my opinion it should be called healthy sexuality education. We are sexual beings therefore we need to learn how to be healthy about it.

Knowing your body and how to keep it safe and healthy are the essences of “sex ed.” This means learning about:

-How the body works – female & male anatomy, brain development especially during puberty, etc.
-Body upkeep – cleanliness, eating, fitness, etc.
-Healthy relationship – friendships, dating, self-respect, establishing one’s owns boundaries, self-confidence, etc.
-Sex – sexual behaviors, abstinence, protection, responsibilities,
consequences, etc.

Healthy sexuality education teaches life tools that are useful information for your entire life!

How can we expect our children to go through life if they aren’t given the proper information on their own body!

I am not saying where children need to get this education. Yes, ideally parents should being teaching this information. But in reality parents have a lot on their plate and they themselves might not know the information themselves or have the confidence to speak to their children. I mean it can be an uncomfortable conversation/situation.

However, I am saying children need to be taught healthy sexuality starting young, of course age appropriate, to make it all a part of their lifestyle. We teach children how to read and write because they will be reading and writing their whole lives.

They also LIVE WITH THEIR BODY THEIR WHOLE LIFE, therefore need to know how it works, how to upkeep it and how to protect it!

Its time to stop thinking about negative term of “sex ed” and teach HEALTHY SEXUALITY and give our young population the power and knowledge they deserve and need!

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Don’t you just love the statements “you are too young,” “you’re not ready,” “he/she is not the right one,” or “you don’t know what you are getting yourself into.”  Well excuse me but who are you too tell me with whom, when or why I want to be sexual!!!

The decision to kiss, touch, give/receive oral sex, or have sex (vaginal or anal) is up to each person participating.  It’s definitely not up to parents, friends or any one else who is not involved.

However, the decision is an important one, whether or not it is your first time in general or first time with this specific person.  You should understand what you want and what you are doing before you make your choice, analyze the situation and have all the facts.

take the time and decide for yourself!!

What do you want and what kind of situation is this?!

WHO IS THIS PERSON you are about to kiss, touch, or have sex with and what do you want from him/her?  You have to be comfortable with your partner whether it’s a one-time thing or a committed partner.

Make sure what you are doing is what YOU WANT! Do YOU want to kiss, touch, have sex with him/her? Do YOU want him/her to touch, kiss and/or have sex with YOU?!

Decide what YOU want this relationship to be and discuss it with your partner.  Do YOU want it to be a one-time thing, fuck-buddy thing, or a committed relationship?

What are the facts?! Whether kissing or having sex or anything in between you are exchanging bodily fluids and certain type of infections and diseases can be transferred.

PROTECT YOURSELF at all times!!!  This means make sure you and your partner are healthy; including not having a cold, flu, sexually transmitted infections (STI), etc.

USE PROTECTION.  Get tested for all STI’s! Use condoms (male or female)!   Use birth control (the pill, the ring, the patch, the shot, etc).  The best way to be STI free is refraining from any bodily contact (EVEN KISSING… those cold sores are really oral herpes). Staying completely pregnant free means not having sex.  But I’m a little realistic and know we are sexual beings so USE PROTECTION!!

Understand the responsibilities and consequences.  It is up to YOU to get tested, use protection (buying and using it constantly– for females and males), know your options, and back up plans. Ask yourself if you or your partner got pregnant what will you do.  If you get an STI where will you go to get treated? It takes 2 to tango (I know very cliché), but its true.  There is no blame game!

This is not a full proof way to know if you are ready, but these questions are a good way to make yourself step back from the high intense sexual pull and figure out what you want.  Another good way to figure out if you are ready is to talk to someone you feel comfortable with: a fellow peer, a mentor, or older/mature friend.  BUT REMEMBER ITS YOUR LIFE NOT THEIRS!!

Step back, think and than act.  Trust yourself! We don’t always make the best decisions but we can always learn from them! And don’t forget its your sexual experience, make the best out of it!

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{May 16, 2011}   Good Sensations

Here is a riddle:

I am colorful; sometimes small, sometimes big.  I can be made of glass, latex, or other material.  I can vibrate or not. WHAT AM I!?

Oooo… did you guess vibrator or dildo?!  Totally confusing, I know.

What the hell is the difference?  Many people use the words interchangeably, but there is a difference between a vibrator and a dildo.  There are also many different kinds of each and there are combinations.

Lets break it down.

So many kinds = different pleasures!

Vibrator: a device for massage for sexual pleasure*

Dildo: a sex toy, often explicitly phallic in appearance, intended for bodily penetration during masturbation or sex with partners*

*definitions from Wikipedia.

A vibrator is mainly for outer body such as clitoris stimulation for females.  Lets not forget males- placing the vibrator gently against the balls is also stimulating for them as well.  You can try new places with a vibrator as well.  Maybe you will like the feeling on your perineum also known as taint (the area between the genitals and the asshole).

A dildo on the other hand is for insertion into the vagina or the asshole.

A combination of a vibrator and dildo is for both penetration and outer stimulation.

So now if you are interested in buying and using either or both there are many different things you should take in to consideration such as:








-Battery operated/plug in

glass with different shapes

I am sure I missed some things but to be honest you should go to a sex shop in your city and do some research.  Stores have all different kinds of dildos, vibrators and combos (plus other toys).  Its best to go and touch, see, and learn in person the differences.

Vibrators and dildos have different speeds, strengths, shapes, etc; and each person has her/his own likes and dislikes.

It can be scary and uncomfortable going into a store but remember being sexual is a part of life, but your satisfaction and pleasure are IN YOUR HANDS… SO TAKE CHARGE!!

I also found this awesome site where you can choice what you want and it gives you options and descriptions… How to Choose a Sex Toy

Its time to enjoy your sex life!!!

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Journal Entree for class:

Legally obtain a condom and write about that experience.

Oh how I love this assignment. I just don’t understand why at 24 years old it should be an experience to go legally buy condoms.  This should especially not be a big deal if the person is having sex or is sexually experienced.  But then again that’s in my ideal world called REL WORLD.  Of course in America it’s a big deal because that means YOU ARE HAVING SEX!!! Oh no SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

NO time for embarressment!!!

I mean come on now… if you are too embarrassed to buy the condom maybe you shouldn’t be having sex.  How about a new motto…. No Buyie NO Sexie.  Ha… I got that from a Lil’ Kim song where she says, “no licky no sticky”.  Ingenious I tell you!!!  Way to be pro-women rights… I’m being serious.  Think about it ladies, when’s the last time a guy went down on you to get you ready and when’s the last time you went down on him before sex.  ANYWHO that’s for another time and another place.

But this whole idea of being too scared to go to the store to buy condoms is crazy.  It just shows you how immature we are as a society.  Yet at the same time trying hard we are about to engage in a sexual experience that is amazing, but has consequences that takes maturity to deal with.  Oh how I wish that was true.   Its just condoms, it is your protection.  If you are too scared to buy them then what else are you too scared to do?  Tell your partner what feels good?!  Tell your partner no?!  Tell your partner your feelings?!  Buying the condom should be the first self-confidence booster before sex… because you are in control and you are being safe!!  If that’s not how you feel then maybe you should rethink your actions.  I am pretty sure that getting preggers or getting an STI is harder to explain then buying condoms.

Go into that store, with your head up high and take those condoms.  You should be proud that you are protecting yourself!!!! Also… take time and look at what all the different kinds of condoms there are.  Don’t forget that at sex shops there are many more condoms (in my opinion better ones… like Kimono or Crown).  Also there are different textured condoms and of course lube.

Buying condoms is amazing and don’t let anyone make you think otherwise!!! Its sexy to be in control and safe!

~penetration of the mind~


Healthy Sexuality

Ummm…. do you own your sexuality?  Do you know what society, your parents, your peers expect from your sexuality?!  I mean damn… if you really think about it, majority of us get a mixed message.

Hey wait a minute… WHAT IS SEXUALITY anyways?!

Sexuality is not just a one-sentence definition written and learned.  It is a holistic way of being, which I learned from Dennis Dailey.  I truly like his explanation.

The best way I can describe sexuality is a necklace made of 5 rings.  Each ring is very important as the next, all are needed to create each persons own sexuality.  Childhood, relationships, readings, television forms each ring and thus holds together your sexuality necklace.

Okay… WHAT THE HELL AM I TALKING ABOUT?!  Let me break it down…

Sexuality is formed by our:

o   Sensuality – physical and psychological pleasure from ones own body and others.  This doesn’t have to be sexual.  I like the smell of bread baking or the touch of ????

o   Intimacy – the experience of emotional closeness to another human being and having the feeling returned.  Which means sharing feelings, fantasies and fun with another and feeling safe.

o   Sexual identity – the sense of who one is as a sexual person, including a sense of maleness and femaleness and to whom one is erotically emotionally attracted.

o   Sexual health and reproduction – the biology of the body and the sexual reproductive systems.

o   Sexualitzaion – the use of sexuality to influence, manipulate or control others.

Crazyness I know… how do those 5 things all form our sexuality.

From the moment we are born we start to form our sexuality.  We are skin hunger and want to be picked up, coddled… just plainly touched. Which is where we pick up our sensuality.  As we grow older some are told not to touch a soft blanket or your own body because its seemed as perverted, BUT ITS NOT!!!  That’s just what we like.  We just know that it feels good THAT’S IT!  We aren’t doing it for sexual pleasure but just for PLAIN PLEASURE!

Friendships and bonds with others as we grow older help form intimacy.  When we are told we can’t be friends with a certain person or a friend has broken our trust… the ability to become intimate is harder.

Understanding who you are and being open with it is sexual identity.  If a boy is in a locker room changing with his friends and gets an erection, and doesn’t understand the biology behind it (meaning its erection don’t just happen when sexually excited) he can become confused and start questioning his sexual identity.  Or maybe he is sexually attracted to the same sex but is made fun of in the locker room; he can suppress his true sexual identity.

I can go on to explain each ring, but I think you get the idea…. If not, do ask!!!

These comments, teaching, beliefs in the end form our sexuality.   Negative comments create weak rings and thus forms and unhealthy sexuality.  Positive teaching help create a healthy sexuality.

A lot of the time problems in relationships, sex, orgasms, safety, etcetera is connected to your sexuality chain.  Where is there a weak link?

A Healthy Sexuality is important because we are sexual beings and live in a sexual world. Everything we do in some way deals with a form of sex.  To better prepare and feel comfortable we need healthy sexuality!!!

I always tell people I want to teach healthy sexuality.  I never really knew why I phrased it that way, but I knew I did not like the current connotation of sex education.  But now I understand why… THANK YOU GRADUTE SCHOOL!!!

~penetration of the mind~

Celebrate Yourself!!!

Laying there, eyes squeezed shut, breathing so hard, body starting to shake… it feels so good!!  Climbing, higher and higher, until a spark of godliness hits.  A smile like no other appears and the body just lets go.

Getting yourself off, Pleasing yourself, Jacking off, Rubbing one out, double clicking the mouse, masturbating… it all means to touch oneself for sexual excitement and pleasure.

In my opinion, there’s no better feeling in the world and could possibly be the best high.

Seriously.  I’m not joking.  Masturbating is one of nature’s best gifts.  You can’t always depend on a significant other to help you out, but you can always count on yourself.

Masturbation is normal and common. We touch ourselves even as babies, but somehow as we grew older we lost that natural inclination to self-gratification with out being ashamed or embarrassed.  Mind, you we should not go around masturbating or touching ourselves in public, but in private, why the hell not?!” I think more people need to please themselves, and we need to start earlier in life.

Think about it:  we would be much happier and relaxed.  An orgasm gives off endorphins, which make people happy.  After a long day at work or school, alone time can help you unwind.

Also, if we teach kids to masturbate instead of to fuck each other, there would be fewer sexually transmitted infections and teenage pregnancies.  Okay, we really have to make the word MASTURBATION and action of masturbation an acceptable act and not taboo.

I know from being a girl, masturbation was and is not talked about amongst females.  Therefore, we stay away from touching ourselves and in the beginning only associate that feel good feeling to someone else touching, licking, sexually stimulating or fucking us.

Maybe, just maybe, if that first time we experienced that butterfly, toe curling sensation on our own, we would not be so dependent on a partner.  But, really, YOU CAN DO IT ALL ON YOUR OWN!!!  And that feeling is USUALLY BETTER by yourself.

Yes, I know there is something unique to having a partner with you, touching you, kissing you… etc, but lets not be stuck to just that.

If you’ve never tried it, do so!!!  Put on some porn, your favorite sexual movie or music, what ever turns you on and start touching yourself (guy and gal).  Use lubrication, toys, vibrators, rings, beads, anything safe and clean.

The word masturbation is so taboo in our country; we can’t even say it in schools (at least in Texas).  BUT WHY?!  It’s a much healthier and safer than the alternative: actual sex (vaginal, oral and anal).

Its time to change our attitudes and take control of your own body.

~penetration of the mind~

et cetera